Available Kittens


Expected Litters

Tucker x Sophia

Kittens born Feb 28th

Seal in Traditional & Mink

Mitted & Color Point

Angel x Judah

Kittens born Feb 28th

Seal and Blue Traditional


Olive x Tucker

Kittens born March 2nd

Blue & Lilac in Traditional & Mink

Mitted and Color Point

Jezebel x Tucker

Kittens born April 1st

Seal in Traditional & Mink

Mitted and Color Point

Do not be discouraged by our long waiting list, there is the potential for you to move up the list faster than expected because some people decide to wait for a future litter due to color/gender preferences.  Picks are usually made in order of date deposit received.  If you pass on a kitten, you still maintain your position on the waitlist for upcoming litters.  UPDATE 04/13/19:  We currently have 20 kittens on the ground.  Sophia/Angel/Olive kittens:  picks will be made weekend of April 27th and these kittens will go home around May 11th.  Jezebel's kittens:  picks will be made weekend of May 31st and kittens will go home around June 7th.  During our spring season we had many waitlist families pass on making a pick and hold until the fall.  I have updated our waitlist below to indicate who will be potentially picking from the remaining spring kittens.  As of today, it appears we might have 1 or 2 more spots open on the spring list, this will depend on how those on the waitlist make their picks.  All kittens are seal in both mink and traditional, mitted and color point. 

Please call/text Ann @ 303.807.0674 with any questions or to be added to our wait list


Current Wait List (last updated 04/14/19)

Current Wait List

Veronica (fall - lynx or bicolor)

Gershwin & Jun (spring - bicolor)

Susan (fall - female lynx)

Felix (spring - 2 kittens - bicolor male, blue female)

Coco (fall - bicolor)

Addison (fall - male lilac)

Jennifer (fall)

Billy (fall)

Linley (spring?/fall - male seal)

Nadine (fall - male seal mitted lynx) 

Pauline (spring - female bicolor)

Eve (spring - blue mitted traditional)

Heather (spring - blue mink)

Kristi (spring - bicolor)

Ann (spring)

Miranda (spring - male)

Welden (spring?/fall seal color point female)

Sasha (spring?/fall - lilac/bicolor?)

Kelsey (2nd pick fall)

Ryan & Alicia (spring?/fall seal mitted mink or traditional male)

Demi (spring?/fall)

Wendy (spring - seal mitted male)

Marissa (spring - male)

Melissa (spring)


Nathanial & Salyna (seal mitted traditional male)


Joyce (female)

Pat & Judy