Purchase Information

Please note, we take the placement of our kittens very seriously.  We require a phone interview prior to accepting a deposit for ANY kitten.  Please call/text us at 303.807.0674 so that we can get to know you and ensure we have a forever home for our babies.

We currently produce seal, blue and white kittens – in both mink and traditional. We will start producing chocolate and lilac kittens in the spring of 2019.  We offer kittens with lynx and mitted markings as well as color point.  We will offer bi-colors in spring 2019.     Our traditional kittens are $1,050 and our mink kittens are $1,150. We require a $200 deposit which is refundable in most cases. We keep a public list on our website of deposits that we have received. Once our kittens have been checked by the vet and received their first set of vaccinations (typically around 8 weeks) we invite you into our home to meet the kittens and make your pick. The cattery reserves the right to the first pick of any litter.   Kittens are ready for their new home when they are 10-12 weeks old, all kittens must weigh 2 lbs before leaving our home.

Deposit Information


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A $200 deposit is required to reserve a kitten and be added to our wait list.  Final payment is required prior to or at kitten pick-up (PayPal/cash).  Please ensure you include any fees added by PayPal with your payment ($206.28) includes deposit and associated PayPal fee).  Thank you!