Cattery Basics

We are often asked which products we use in the cattery.  Below is a list of items that we have used personally.  With the exception of the food that we recommend, 5280 receives no compensation for the recommendation or sale of any of these products.  


We wean all of our babies to Royal Canin Mother & Babycat dry kibble.  We love this food because not only is it nutritionally sound, the kibble size is small and easy for our new eaters to manage.

When our babies have successfully managed kibble at around 7 weeks, we move them over to Life's Abundance.  Life's Abundance is an all stage cat food, so that means it can be fed to cats of all ages.  This is very convenient for households that have kittens, adults and seniors.  I was skeptical when we moved all of our cats over to Life's Abundance, but have been pleasantly surprised at the impact it has had on our cattery.  Life's Abundance contains both a pre and pro biotic and also contains omega 3s.  We have seen less vomiting (especially during the usual morning sickness periods) and our coats are beautiful.  In addition, Life's Abundance is a high quality cat food with no artificial colors or flavors, no corn and no wheat, our cats eat less food and we find we are not ordering food as often was we were.  For those of you that like to include canned food in your cat's diet, Life's Abundance has multiple flavors available.  Additionally, they sell dog food.  Life's Abundance can only be purchased online, please use the button below to make your purchase.

Items We Recommend



We like the "Slide" litter for two reasons.  One, we don't have to chisel things off the bottom of the litter box and two, there is no dust for our little ones to injest.

Feeding Bowls


Always use products that are stainless or ceramic.  You want a shallow bowl so your cat can easily access the food.  Make sure the bowl is solid so your cat cannot easily tip it over.

Water Fountains


Again, always look for the stainless or ceramic products.  I've read that cats will drink 4 times more water if they have access to a fountain.  We love this model and find our cats lapping up the water all day long!

Scratching Post


The key here is height!  Ragdolls are big cats and when they scratch, they also need to stretch.  We love, love, love this scratching post.  When placed next to your couch or chair, it offers an alternative place for them to scratch.  We have found that the scratching posts that are made of carpet, shed easily and quickly.  The scratching posts that are made of sisal rope are long lasting and a favorite around here.

Litter Boxes


Make sure it's big!  Your cat needs room to move around!  This one is deep (and yes your new kitten can clear the sides).  We love the caddy on the side.  Another option is a covered box, this helps contain the litter that gets thrown around.

Litter Scoop


Can't stress enough, purchase a metal scoop.  Plastic scoops break easily and litter will fly everywhere!  Durability is a must here!

Hidden Litter Boxes


We found this one and love it!  It is big enough to house a large box.  This particular box comes in black, mahogany and white.  We also like the litter tray that can be purchased separately.  It sits on the outside of the "box" and catches litter as the cat exits the box.

Cat Tree


Cat trees offer a place of escape for your cat, especially if you have dogs.  We like the Cat Tree King trees that can be purchased on Amazon.  They are pricey, but they are well built.  The tree shown here is one of their smaller models.  We recommend a taller model if you have big dogs.

Food/Water Tray


Things get bumped and will spill.  A tray with raised edges holds food/water dishes and is a nice to have.

Nail Clippers


Keeping your cats nails trimmed will help keep them from snagging you, your clothing and your furniture.  



Frequent brushing will keep shedding down and also keep your cats coat looking shiny and healthy.

Breakaway Cat Collar


If you are going to collar your cat, be sure you purchase a breakaway collar.  If your cat becomes tangled or caught, the collar quickly breaks apart and the cat is free.  Attaching a name tag with your contact info is a great idea if you are not microchipping your cat.