Our Cats


Rock Star Dolls Tucker - our stunning aqua eyed king!  Tucker is a blue mink color point.  A nice solid boy with a wonderful laid back personality.  (carries chocolate)


Rusts Ragdolls Greta - our beautiful blue eyed white ragdoll!  She was our first ragdoll and gives us incredibly soft kittens in white, seal and blue with striking lynx markings.


5280 Ragdolls Jezebel - one of Greta's kittens, a big healthy girl who throws us nice sized kittens with beautiful mittens!  Jezebel is a seal mitted traditional.


5280 Ragdolls Sophia - also one of Greta's daughters and a seal mitted traditional.  She has the SWEETEST disposition and the prettiest blue eyes!


Big City Dolls Faith - a large blue mitted girl.  She is soooo kind hearted and has a quiet soul.


Clockwork Catz Angel - A blue bicolor with a purrrrrfect personality!  Look for Angel to introduce our first bicolors in the spring of 2019.


5280 Ragdolls Hope, a seal lynx is the daughter of Greta and Tucker.  We LOVE the lynx marking and are so excited to start producing more lynx in spring 2019. (carries chocolate and dilute)


Lonerock Judah - our up and coming king!  Judah comes to us from Lonerock Catastrophe Cattery in WI.  He is a seal mitted traditional. (carries dilute and chocolate)


Olive, a lilac mitted traditional ragdoll.  She has the BEST personality and we are so excited to watch her pass this on to future 5280 kittens.